Tornador Foam Z-011S Foam Gun

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The newly developed diffuser technology of the Tornador® FOAM Z-011S supports users of the Tornador® CLASSIC in applications where stubborn dirt needs to be removed from large areas. With the interchangeable diffusers, you can quickly and effortlessly lather entire cars, truck tarpaulins, vans, motorcycles, caravans, boats, etc. The foam produced by the Tornador® FOAM Z-011S is very stiff and very dry. This prolongs the exposure and reaction time and improves the cleaning effect many times over.

The first pulse foam gun that processes the cleaning liquid into a solid and stationary foam. Highly economical consumption with correspondingly lower wastewater load. Particularly suitable for all intensive precleaning work that requires a longer exposure. Includes two interchangeable diffusers to lather large areas in a short time. Ideal for cleaning very dirty vertical surfaces (truck tarpaulins, room walls) which require longer exposure time to the cleaner.