Tornador Black Z-020S Air Pulse Cleaning Gun

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Rs. 13,924.00

The Tornador® BLACK Z-020S can accomplish excellent and thorough cleaning at an operating pressure of around 4.5 bar. The Tornador® BLACK Z-020S can even be operated with a 240 V/2.2 kW piston compressor, provided it has a flow rate of at least 270 l/min. This makes the Tornador® BLACK Z-020S ideally suited not only for stationary but also for mobile application. The reliable rotation technology of the Tornador® BLACK Z-020S not only saves time and money but is also characterized by reduced noise emissions and fewer vibrations.

The rotating mechanism is equipped with sealed ball bearings that enable the Tornador® BLACK to work even with small or mobile compressors because the full output potential is already available at 4.5 bar. Wear is minimized since the rotating mechanism no longer comes into contact with the outlet cone.


  • Ergonomic, cold-insulated and low-vibration
  • Designed for continuous professional use
  • Even more wear-resistant and requiring even less maintenance
  • Optimized air consumption
  • Suitable for 2.2 kW/240 V piston compressors
  • Also suitable for working overhead