Professional Technicians Seat Cover ITC Q 1086

Rs. 1,025.42

Our exclusive ergonomic seat cover, made from premium 4oz Nylon fabric with expansion panels in the head section to accommodate the modern vehicle seat. The cover is oil, water and grease resistant and comes with elasticated hems for easy fitting. The cover is also designed to work in conjunction with the vehicles' airbags under deployment so not only is the vehicle protected in the workshop but so is the TECHNICIAN on a test drive.  

The cover has been reviewed by Patent lawyers and awarded Registered design rights.


This products are covered by one or more PATENTS & DESIGN RIGHTS with PROTECTION in various countries throughout the world

  • 4 oz HIGH-quality nylon material
  • Finished with contrasting edge piping
  • Washable at 40 degrees
  • The top section is designed to allow free movement in the event AIRBAGS are deployed
  • Water resistant tested to 600mm WATER COLUMN
  • QUICK fitting & removal
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly due to its high "USAGE LIFE"