Master Series Stack Cover

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Rs. 23,126.64

ITC Manufactured toolbox covers are modular in design, this not only allows you to protect your toolbox but as you grow your storage system you simply buy the new cover to fit the new part of your system, the design allows each cover in the model range to seamlessly connect together, this is also the case with side lockers and cabinets.


This CLASSIC SERIES STACK COVER includes the following:-

  • 1 complete TOP BOX back panel 
  • 1 off RH & 1 off LH TOP BOX side panels
  • 1 complete ROLL BOX back panel 
  • 1 off RH & 1 off LH ROLL BOX side panels
  • 1 off fItted Handle cover
  • 1 off Blank handle cover
  • 1 Complete Full length Drop down cover

Note - Graphic Colours and piping are for illustration purposes only, please review the "Details" below for specification. If sample fabrics are required please sign in and order them.