Chain Splitter & Riveting Kit ITC 7040

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The ITC CHAIN SPLITTER is a professional chain splitter & riveting tool. It is designed to accommodate 420 to 530 size chains and is handheld for working on the bike and has a stepped body to allow it to be held in a working vice allowing bench work on chains to be undertaken. The chain splitter has some unique features such as a carrier pin which holds the chain together whilst the pin is inserted all increasing the accuracy of alignment, this is truly a great accessory to anyone with a bike, motorbike or any piece of equipment which is chain driven.


Description ITC 7040 contains

  • Steel body, screw housing and screw
  • 3 sizes of Splitter punches and matching dies
  • 1 off Hardened and tempered peening drift
  • 1 x Chain assembly carrier
  • 1 x magnetic link carrier
  • 2 x pin depth setting plates
  • 1 x Instruction 
  • 1 x foam inlaid Fabric carry case

 Note all items have individual part numbers and can be ordered from ITC in the event they become damaged or broken