AC Leak Detector Kit - ITC N1024

Rs. 21,806.40
• Patented product (U.S PATENTS 6,442,958,6,308,528,D459,
438,5,357,782,5,421,192,RE35, 395,re35,370. Additional U.S.
& foreign patents pending)
• Made in USA with international Standards.
• Checks for leaks in AC system almost immediately
• Bright Fluorescent dye comparable with R134a and R12
refrigerant systems.
• Environment friendly, solvent free dye. No harm to the AC system
• Easily inject dye with system pressure up to 300psi (20kg/
• Approved by TATA MOTORS.
• The dye detects the actual position of the leak because it leaves a
“fluorescent stain”
• The “fluorescent stain” helps detect multiple leaks
• Dye remains in the AC system for months and years without
damaging the system it can detect very minute leaks - even as low
as 15ml/year
• No need to remove condenser to check for leaks. Shine the
light through the grill and look for any “fluorescent stains”
• Can detect leaks in the evaporator - shine the light on the
condensate water that drips through the drain tube and look
for “fluorescent stains”
• One bottle of dye can be used for over 60 vehicles cost effective
• Dye can be purchased through Authorized Distributors / Dealers
• To have better results inject the dye when the AC system does
not have leaks therefore you can find the leak instantly when it occurs