Panel Popper Kit

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Removing internal panels from your vehicle interior can cause a high degree of damage especially when trying to gain access to the dash or removing C & C pillar trims and once the damage has been done it is visible forever. The 12 piece ITC Panel Popper kit is manufactured from "glass filled" nylon making them incredibly strong whilst being flexible enough for you to keel the force being exerted. Simply find the biggest panel popper tool to do the job to spread the load across the panel and pop the panel off. There is also a steel bladed tool for metal clips which are used on many vehicles.

The panel popper set is ideal for both new cars and older vehicles and even classics where the panels may need to be removed regularly.

The panel popper tools are each numbered so in the event they become damaged replacements are easily sourced from our stock.

The fabric case is designed to be friendly to the interior of the vehicle so no sharp boxes to cause damage and the case has Velcro pads which allow the case to stand up to the top hat design can be used to hold the plastic clips you have removed.


Product ITCPPS12 Contains

11 x Glass Reinforced Plastic Removal tools

1 x Steel tool

1 x Nylon Carry Case